Service to Discipline - National

Committee Member National Computational Infrastructure Merit Allocation 2016-2020
  Committee, Australian National University  

Associate Director

ARC Special Research Centre for the 2004-present
  Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM)  
  University of Adelaide  

Board Member

Australian Institute for High Energy Physics (AUSHEP) 2007-2010

Topic Chair

Nuclear and Particle Physics (NUPP) 2007-2008
  Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) 2008 Congress  

Invited Presenter

Convention of Australian Science Teachers Association 2006
  (CONASTA) ``Virtual Reality Up Close''  

Management Committee

National Computing Facility for Lattice Gauge Theory 2000-2004

Thesis Examiner

University of New South Wales 2000, 2003

Organizing Committee

14th National Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics 2000
  University of Adelaide, December  

Branch Executive

Australian Institute of Physics 1999-2000
Chair South Australia Branch  


Australian Research Council 1997-present


Derek Leinweber 2017-02-06