Jobs For Physicists
February 2002 Postings

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of February. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term

Met Bureau Res Scientist $48k-54k model climate change Feb 2y

Ansto Physicist to $47k instrument AMS Feb I

ASIO Graduates $34k-58k generalist intelligence officer Feb I
Met Bureau Res Scientist $48k-65k predict tropic cyclones Feb 3y
Res Scientist
model coupled general
CSIRO Energy Tech Develop't Manager energy system modelling Feb I
CSIRO Land & Water PD Scientist optical characteris'n Feb 3y

Canberra $49k-55k coastal/inland waters

DSTO Canberra Res Leader (s) $101k-110k analyse military strategy Feb I
combat theatre support

DIGO ACT Analyst (s) $44k-47k intelligence imagery Feb I

Defence Intel DIO Nuclear Analysts $39k-43k-46k-54k four positions
nuclear related issues
Feb I
DSTO Melbourne Sr/Res Scientist
fuels and lubricants Feb I
DSTO Adelaide Modeller
electronic warfare Feb I
DSTO Adelaide Sr Res Sci/Engr digital rf systems Feb I
Sr Res Scientist
simulation (Army)
Macquarie Res Ltd Deputy Director Risk Frontiers/Hazards Feb 3y+

Mirabooka Physicist/Math Consultants technical assistance Feb T

Alfred Melbourne Medical Physicist brachytherapy Feb I

Queensland Health
Brisbane, Cairns
Sr Physicists (2) $57k-62k diagnostic services Feb I

Prince of Wales Hosp
Res Physicist image-guided radio therapy Feb 2y+
North Shore Medical Physicist $36k-74k nuclear med imaging Feb I

Newcastle Mater M Medical Physicist 36k-52k service radiation oncology Feb I

Internat Academy
Teacher physics Feb T

Parkes HS NSW Teacher physics Feb I

Coonamble HS NSW Teacher physics/chem Feb I

St Paul's Coll Teacher maths/physics/science Feb 1y

MINELAB Physicist preferred develop instruments
for metal sensing
Feb I

Trinity Coll Melb Residental Tutor any discipline Feb 1y
UWA PDF (3) $46k-50k reduced dimensionality Feb 3y
single atom impact
surface magnetism etc
Monash Maths PDF $47k-50k solar astrophysics Feb 2y
UWS Pro V-C Research Feb 5y+
UNSW Elec Eng PD/Res Fellow $46k-50k-62k digital image process'g Feb 3y
ANU RSPSE Senior Fellow $75k-82k exp/the photo-refractive
non-linear optics
Feb I

ANU RSAA Tech Projects Mg'r $64k coordinate techno development Feb I

WA Mineral Resources Petro Geophysicist basin onshore WA
processing and imaging
Feb 1y+

Fungo Geophysics Geophysicist precision ground GPS Feb I

Ford/Deakin Eng'r App Sci'tist $27k computer simulation
vehicle production
Feb 2y

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