Jobs For Physicists
December 2002 Postings

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of December. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term
Ed Sci & Training Policy Analyst
higher education Dec I
DITR Physicist
model radio propagation Dec I
WMC Roxby downs Safety Officer radiation Dec I
WesternGeco WA Area Geophysicist experienced seismic Dec I
Prince/Wales NSW Sr Physicist clinical radiotherapy Dec I
St Vincent's Vic Administrator medical imaging system Dec I
Townsville Hospitl Sr Med Physicist
nuclear medicine Dec I
Marbury School Teacher
physics/Maths Dec T
Mt Carmel College Senior Teacher physics/science/maths Dec I
(P) Adelaide Fac Sci Head of School chemistry and physics Dec I
(P) JCU Assoc Prof
new Astronomy Centre Dec 3y
(P) UWS Auditory Lab Professor
auditory lab research Dec -
P Aus Maritime Coll Res Assoc/Fellow
ship hydrodynamics Dec 3y
P Macquarie Res Fellow
quantum dot light
Dec 3y+
P UNSW Res Associate
condensed matter theory Dec 1y+
P UNSW Maths Res Associate
3-D system algorithms Dec 3y
P Sydney Maths PDF
quantised representa'n
Dec 1y+
(P) QLD Elec Eng Res Officer
biomed RF devices Dec 3y
Victoria Uni NZ PDF relativistic cosmology Dec 2y+
Marsden Fellow NZ PDF SEM microstructure/
Dec 2y+

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