Jobs For Physicists
June 2001 Postings

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of June. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term

Nat'l Standards Commission Scientist/Eng'r(3)
utility metering
June Indefinite
trade measurements

AGSO Graduates
physics specified
June Indefinite

AusIndustry Manager (s)
customer service
June Indefinite

DISR Science Div Adviser APS 6
ANSTO policy
June Indefinite

CRC Microtechnol Manager Ops
market microtech
June Indefinite
Yes CSIRO Telecom/Industrial Res Scientist
radiometry standards
June 3 Years

CSIRO Petroleum Modeller
model reservoirs
June Indefinite

CSIRO Telecom/Industrial sales people
market R&D
June Indefinite
Yes CSIRO Telecom/Industrial PDF (s)
e.g. bio-sensors
June 3 Years
device modelling

CSIRO Manf Sci Safety Officer
oversee research safety
June 1 Year
Yes Defence Intelligence Director
direct intelligence
June Indefinite

DSTO Adelaide Manager (s)
Business Development
June Indefinite
Yes DSTO Adelaide Sr Res Scientist
lead warfare evaluation
June Indefinite
Yes Res Scientist
electo-optical seekers
Yes Res Scientist
real time imaging

simulations in general

Sydney Optical Fibre
Tech Centre
Res Assistant
photosensitive changes
June 1 Year+
Yes Sydney Elec Eng Res Fellow
photonic sig processing
June 2 Years+

Qatar Petroleum Sr Geophysicist
reservoir survey
June Indefinite

Hamersley Iron Environment Adviser
sound technical advice
June Indefinite

Applied Biosystems Sales Specialist
bioinfo instrumentation
June Indefinite

Client of Speakman Director
Research and Technology
June Indefinite
Yes Uni South Pacifc Asst/Lecturer
June Term

Cranbrook School Teacher
science/physics yr 11
June 1 Year

Lindisfarne School Teacher(2)
physics plus
June 1 Year

NSW Sefton HS Teacher
mobile physics
June Indefinite

NSW Shoalhaven HS Teacher
June Indefinite

NSW Education Teachers
retraining in physics
June Indefinite

Sacred Heart Coll Teacher
yr 11 physics
June 3 Months

Millicent HS Teacher
year 12 Physics
June Term

EPA Victoria Leader
air quality science
June Indefinite

EPA SA Protection Officer
air quality/noise
June Indefinite

SA Admin Services Manager Assist
forensic sci quality
June Indefinite

IMVS Res Assistant
cell imaging facility
June 1 Year

NW Adel Health QEH Sr Tech Officer
clinical engineering
June Indefinite
Yes Adelaide Fac Sci Executive Dean
integrate new Faculty
June 5 Years
Yes Sydney Physics Sr/Lecturer
process large data sets
June 3 Years
Yes ANU Science Dean
decanal duties
June Term
Yes New England Maths Lecturer
inc math physics
June Indefinite
Yes Monash Maths/
Earth Science
Assoc Prof
cross disciplinary math
June Indefinite
Yes UNSW Maths Sr Res Officer
model severe sea states
June 2 Years
Yes Sydney Sport Sci ARC PDF
model control systems
June 3 Years
Yes ANU Deputy V-C
June Term
Yes Victoria University Res Fellow (s)
signal processing etc
June Term
Yes QUT general PDFs
stated fields
June 2 Years
Reentry Fellowship
for women
Yes UNSW general V-C's PDF
any discipline
June 2 Years
Yes Deakin Fac Sci Academic Secretary
package $90k
assist Dean--all areas
June Indefinite
Yes ANU RSPSE PD/Res Fellow
expt surface physics
June Term

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