Jobs For Physicists
October 2000 Postings

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of October. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term

Graduates new/old examiners of patents
Oct Indefinite

Ansto Engineer/Technologist
to $52k
Run 30 MeV cyclotron Oct Indefinite

CSIRO Land & Water
Hydrological models Oct Indefinite

Proof Establishment
Port Wakefield
Evaluate weapons performance October Indefinite
Yes DSTO Salisbury Research Scientist
Undersea warfare October Indefinite
Yes DSTO Sydney Research Scientist(s)
Amphibious warfare Oct Indefinite
Warfare analysis
Yes DSTO Salisbury Director
Electronics/Surveillance Oct 5 years
Yes Monash Uni
Earth Sciences
Structural geophysics Oct 2 years

Industrial Automation R&D Engineer Model flat metal
Oct Indefinite

Mallee Medical
Biomedical Engineer
Supervise all
medical equipment
Oct Indefinite

Canberra Girls
Grammar School
Teacher Physics/Science Oct Indefinite

Cardijn College Teacher Science/Physics Oct Indefinite

St Brigid
Teacher Physics/Maths/Science Oct Indefinite

Mercedes College Teacher Physics Oct Indefinite

Loreto College Teacher Maths/Physics Oct Indefinite

Eynesbury College Teacher P-T Physics Oct Indefinite

Tanner Menzies Manager Medical equipment Oct Indefinite

Gammametrics Sales engineer Mineral processing Oct Indefinite
Network administrator Unix systems
Electronic Designer Physics-based instruments

Sola Software developer Lens design Oct Indefinite
Yes Wollongong Uni
Faculty of Science
Dean Decanal duties Oct 4 years
Yes University of Melbourne Lecturer
Condensed matter Oct Indefinite

UNSW Quantum Computing Lab Supervisor
Maintain nanofabrication Nov 3 years
Yes La Trobe Uni PDF 2001
Any agreed field Oct 2 years
Yes Griffith Uni Research Fellow
Energy research Oct 3 years
Yes ANU Math Sci Senior Fellow (2)
Applications Oct 5 years +
Yes ANU RSPSE Applied Maths Research Fellow
Complex materials theory Oct 5 years
Biological materials theory
Yes ANU RSPSE Molec Research/Post-Doctoral
Experimental Chemistry/Physics Oct 5 years
Atmospheric modelling
Yes RSPSE Plasma Research/Post-Doctoral
Theory in support Oct 5 years

Macquarie Research Officer
Short wavelength sources Oct 18 months

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