Jobs For Physicists
November 2000 Postings

Disclaimer The Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics is happy to provide information on job opportunities however it cannot undertake to forward applications for positions. Detailed information about specific positions can be found in the scanned images made available by the AIP-SA.

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of November. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term

AGSO Geophysicist
Earthquake geohazards Nov Indefinite

Greenhouse Office
Asst manager(s)
Greenhouse science Nov Indefinite
Greenhouse inventory
Yes ANSTO Research Scientist
cleaner mining Nov Indefinite

CSIRO Coastal Research
Model continental shelf physics Nov Indefinite

CSIRO Minerals
Lucas Heights
Physicist/Elec Eng
On-line mineral analysis Nov 3 years

National Telescope
Nov 3 years

DSTO Salisbury Coordinator
Public relations Nov 5 years

DSTO all sites Prof'l Officer(s)
Nov Indefinite
Yes Res Scientist(s)
Operations research
Yes DSTO Salisbury Principal Res Scientist
Network management Nov Indefinite
Wireless systems
Snr Res Scientist
Promote novel networks
Res Scientist
Network architecture
Yes DSTO Salisbury Principal Res Scientist
avionic mission systems Nov Indefinite
Yes Defence Signals
cryptography/signals Nov Indefinite

DSTO Salisbury Graduates
physics inter alia Nov Indefinite
Yes DSTO Salisbury Leader
wide area surveillance Nov Indefinite

Defence Imagery
Analyst TO
Photogrammetry Nov Indefinite
Snr Analyst PO
image processing

DSTO Salisbury Snr Comp Scientist
combat systems Nov Indefinite
Yes Snr Res Scientist
combat systems research
Yes Res Scientist

Monash/MCA Geophysicist
teach exploration geophys Nov 3 years +

ANU/LEME Lecturer geophys/geochem Nov -

Monash/LEME Lecturer geophys potential fields Nov -

iMi Integra
Sales Manager medical imaging Nov Indefinite
Product Support medical imaging etc

GE Medical systems
Specialist(s) Support medical equipment (must be
able to speak some asian language(s) )
Nov Indefinite

SOLA equipment Res Scientist materials and coatings Nov Indefinite

Coherent Scientific
Scientific Sales laser/electro-optics Nov Indefinite

Queensland Health Instrument Technician
Biomedical equipment Nov Indefinite
Yes Prince Alfred
Med Physicist(2) radiation oncology Nov Indefinite
Yes Uni Canturbury NZ
Applied Maths dept.
Lecturer engin/computation maths Nov -
Yes Univ Auckland NZ Dean Science Nov Term

Murumbarrah High School
science (including physics) Nov Indefinite

Aust Islamic Coll Teacher physics, chem & maths Nov Indefinite

St Paul's Walla W Teacher physics/maths/rugby Nov Indefinite

Sacred Heart
Alice Springs
Teacher Physics plus Nov Indefinite
Yes CSIRO Manufac Sci
Woodville SA
laser data processing Nov 3 Years
Yes CSIRO Energy Tech
air quality pollutants Nov Indefinite
Yes Macquarie/AAO Lecturer
astronom/phys/astrophys Nov 5 Years
Yes Curtin Uni
Applied Sci
Lecturers (2)
medical imaging science Nov Indefinite
Yes Newcastle Uni Lecturer
Photonics Nov -
Yes RMIT Lecturer
materials microanalysis Nov 3 Years
Yes Curtin Uni Assoc Lecturer
teaching and research Nov Indefinite
Yes Queensland Biosci PDF
protein crystallography Nov 1 Year +
Yes Sydney Uni
Res Associate
surface chem/physics Nov 1 Year +
Yes Queensland Parallel
Computing Consortium
Res Associates (2) educational position Nov 3 Years
Res Associates (3)$45k-50k-57k
environmental modeling &
Yes ADFA Elec Eng Res/Fellow/Assist
audio visual communic'n Nov 3 Years
Yes UWA General PDF (4)
new expertise proposals Nov Term
Yes ANU RSES PD/Res/Fellow (2)
expt'l plasma physics Nov Term
Yes ANU RSBS Res Officer
hyperspectral imaging Nov 2 years +
Yes ANU Math Sci ARC Res Assoc (2)
computer statistics Nov Term

Swinburne Indust
Res Institute
Res Engr/Scientist
robot welding system Nov 3 years
Yes Newcastle Uni
Sr/Res Associate
surface imaging Nov Term

UNSW Quantum Comp Lab Supervisor
maintain nanofabric'n Nov 3 Years

Tasmania Exec Officer
Research/Higher Degrees Nov Indefinite

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