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CSSM Workshop on QCD and the Strong Interactions

Joint Workshop of the
Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter,
and the
National Institute for Theoretical Physics

Monday, September 25 - Friday September 29, 2006 at the CSSM, University of Adelaide, South Australia


Organising Committee

Tony Williams (CSSM, Adelaide) (Chair)
Derek Leinweber (CSSM, Adelaide)
Lorenz von Smekal (CSSM, Adelaide)

Main Workshop Participants

Afnan, Iraj (Flinders University)
Allton, Chris (Swansea University)
Bartolozzi, Marco
Bentz, Wolfgang (Tokai University)
Bilson-Thompson, Sundance (CSSM)
Blankleider, Boris (Flinders University)
Bojak, Ingo (Swinburne University)
Carroll, Jonathan (CSSM)
Chappell, James (CSSM)
Cloet, Ian (CSSM)
Crewther, Rod (CSSM)
Crouch, Ben (CSSM)
de Forcrand, Philippe (ETH, Zurich)
Dunne, Gerald (Univeristy of Connecticut)
Endo, Tomoki (University of Osaka)
Ghiotti, Marco (CSSM)
Hamer, Chris (University of NSW)
Hoppe, Mariusz (CSSM)
Hosaka, Atsushi (University of Osaka)
Ito, Takuya (Tokai University)
Kizilersu, Ayse (CSSM)
Lasscock, Ben (CSSM)
Lawley, Sarah (CSSM)
Leinweber, Derek (CSSM)
Mahbub, Selim (CSSM)
Mehta, Dhagash (CSSM)
Melnitchouk, Wally (JLab)
McKellar, Bruce (University of Melbourne)
Moran, Peter (CSSM)
Nagata, Keitaro (University of Osaka)
Nguyen, Bao-loc (CSSM)
O'Cais, Alan (CSSM)
Parappilly, Maria (CSSM)
Platten, Skye (CSSM)
Saito, Takuya (University of Osaka)
Skullerud, J (Trinity College)
Sternbeck, Andre (CSSM)
Tandy, Peter (Kent University)
Thomas, Anthony W. (JLab)
Volkas, Ray (University of Melbourne)
von Smekal, Lorenz (CSSM)
Williams, Anthony G. (CSSM)
Young, Ross (JLab)

General Information

The Workshop will have morning talks and late afternoon talks with some of the afternoon left free for collaborative discussions and working groups. Sufficient computers and connections for notebooks will be provided so that people can access their e-mail. Working areas will be available for discussions and coffee and tea will be also be available throughout the day.


A copy of the program is available here along with a printer friendly version.

The program covers the following topics:

  • EOS in Effective Quark Theories
  • New Results on Determinants and Effective Actions
  • Lattice Stude of QCD Green's Functions in Landau Gauge at Low Momentum
  • Scalar-Field Kink Braneworlds
  • The Melting of Hadronic States at High Temperature
  • EMC and Polarized EMC Effects in Nuclei
  • Does Quantum Gravity Contain the Standard Model?
  • Axion Phenomenology
  • Hadron-Quark Matter Phase Transition and the Mixed Phase in Hybrid Stars
  • Extended Double Lattice BRST, the Neuberger Problem and the Curci-Ferrari Mass
  • Electromagnetic Properties of the Nucleon and Roper Resonance in a Diquark Model
  • Neutrino Kinetic Equations Revisited
  • Lattice QCD at Finite Baryon Density
  • Vector Meson Electromagnetic Form Factors
  • Dense 2-Color Quark Matter
  • Lattice Study of the Color Confinement Mechanism in the Coulomb Gauge QCD
  • Precision Spectroscopy with All-to-All Propagators
  • Cortical Rhythm of Cognition: Self-Organized 40 Hz Synchronization
  • Generalized Parton Distributions for Dynamical Equation Models
  • Covariant Modelling of QCD for Hadrons
  • Photoproduction of Spin 3/2 Baryons for Lambda(1405) and Theta+
  • Strangeness Contributions to Nucleon Form Factors
  • Covariant Gauges for QCD
  • Some Problems in Hamiltonian Lattice Gauge Theory
  • Quark-Hadron Duality in Electron-Nucleon Scattering
  • Complexity and Self-Organisation: Data Analysis and Models
  • Vacuum Structure, Centre Vortices and Gluon Flux Tubes

Travel Planning

Most international attendees will require a valid visa and current passport to enter Australia. A currency converter is available here. Please note that air travel to, from, and within Australia can be congested in the workshop period since it coincides with the school and university mid-year breaks. If you are planning to attend you should ensure that your air travel reservations are made *well in advance* of your travel!


The Workshop will be held on level 1 of the Physics Building located on the University of Adelaide grounds, North Terrace, Adelaide. See attached map: H5.

Registration Fee

A$100 (approx US$75) payable either by cash or credit card during the registration time of 8:30am, Monday 25th September at the Workshop.
This includes all costs for the reception, continuous brewed coffee (and cookies etc. at coffee breaks), the Workshop dinner and an outing to Cleland National Park.

Accompanying guests are welcome to join participants at the reception, Workshop dinner and outing for an additional fee of A$110.
(Please complete the accompanying guests registration form below.)


The University is able to obtain excellent corporate rates at the following properties:
(All amounts quoted are in Australian Dollars.)
Room availability is limited and is on a first come first served basis.

    Sebel Playford Adelaide:
  • $165- p/n Standard, twin share room
  • $185- p/n Suite, King size bed

  • Stamford Plaza Adelaide:
  • $111- p/n Superior City View
  • $126- p/n Superior Park View
  • $141- p/n Deluxe City View
  • $156- p/n Deluxe Park View

  • Pacific International Apartments:
  • $130- p/n Studio Apartment
  • $140- p/n 1 bedroom Apartment

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital Residential Wing: (basic motel style accomm)
  • $60.50 p/n 2 bedrooms, living area, ensuite (shared cooking facilities available)


An outing has been arranged for Thursday 28 September. Following the last talk of the morning we will have baguettes for lunch and then board a coach which will take us to the Cleland National Park (approx. 45 minutes into the Adelaide Hills). At approximately 5pm we will take the coach to the Mount Lofty Lookout where you will have a magnificent view of Adelaide. The outing will conclude at the Windy Point Restaurant where the Workshop Dinner will be held. A coach will collect participants at 10.15 and bring everyone back to the City.

How to Register

  • Fill out the electronic registration form below and submit it (the preferred option), or
  • Mail, fax or e-mail the relevant information (including the title of the workshop, your name, address, contact information, accommodation needs, talk title and abstract, etc.) to the address below:

    Workshop Organisers
    University of Adelaide
    Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia

    Telephone: +61-8-83133533;
    Fax: +61-8-83133551
    E-mail: cssm@physics.adelaide.edu.au

Registration Form:

Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory!

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(Default is set to Stamford Plaza Superior City View Room accomodation at A$111.00 per night - if this is desired, do not click at all)

    Sebel Playford Adelaide:
    $165- p/n Standard, twin share room
    $185- p/n Suite, King size bed

    Stamford Plaza Adelaide:
    $111- p/n Superior City View
    $126- p/n Superior Park View
    $141- p/n Deluxe City View
    $156- p/n Deluxe Park View

    Pacific International Apartments:
    $130- p/n Studio Apartment
    $140- p/n 1 bedroom Apartment

    Royal Adelaide Hospital Residential Wing: (basic motel style accomm)
    $60.50 p/n 2 bedrooms, living area, ensuite (shared cooking facilities available)

    NOT APPLICABLE TO ME (I am a local or I have made other arrangements).

Arrival / Departure Information:

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