Workshop on Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory

Workshop on Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory

Joint Workshop of the
National Institute for Theoretical Physics
and the
Special Research Center for the Subatomic Structure of Matter
February 2 - February 13, 1998

Organizing Committee:

V. A. Miransky
M. R. Pennington
C. D. Roberts
A. G. Williams

A. W. Schreiber (Scientific Secretary)

Participants include:

D. Atkinson (Groningen)
M. Creutz (Brookhaven)
R. Delbourgo (Hobart)
H. Leutwyler (Berne)
P. Maris (Argonne)
B. H. J. McKellar (Melbourne)
V. A. Miransky (Kiev)
M. R. Pennington (Durham)
C. D. Roberts (Argonne)
D. Sinclair (Argonne)


The details of how to register are given at the end of this document. An updated version of the WORKSHOP PROGRAM , including abstracts, is now available.


Purpose: This is meant to be a true workshop in the sense that sufficient time will be made available each day for discussions which may develop into collaborative projects. It is intended that there will be no more than 3 talks each morning and the afternoon will be left free for discussions and collaborations. The working facilities, especially the computing resources, are excellent.

Topics: Topics to be covered at the meeting include but are not limited to:
Lattice methods, Dyson-Schwinger equations, Chiral Perturbation Theory and QCD Sum Rules.

Registration Fee: There will be a registration fee of A$75 (A$50 for students). This includes coffee breaks amongst other things. At this stage no proceedings are planned for the workshop.

Available Support: It is hoped that a contribution can be made to the local costs of all participants.

Accommodation: For a detailed list of hotels and other types of accommodation in Adelaide click on the following text: Accommodation in Adelaide. For various other local information click on the text: Local Information for Visitors to Adelaide.

This page and a workshop program page will be regularly updated with information on this workshop.

The recommended hotels are The Mansions Apartments at A$90/night and across the road from the Institute, or the Richmond Hotel at A$85/night and just two minutes walk from the Institute.

For wealthier participants the Hyatt would be an interesting experience.

Examples of the cheaper form of accommodation are

Kathleen Lumley College, 15 minutes walk from the Institute:

  • A$22/night for a single room with shared facilities (incl. breakfast & dinner),
  • A$40 - 45/night for a room with ensuite (incl. breakfast & dinner)

    or at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, 2 minutes walk from the Institute:
  • A$18/night for a single room with shared facilities (full-time student - A$15)
  • A$55/night for a single room with ensuite

    It is also possible to arrange beachfront accommodation about 10km (45 mins travelling time) from the Institute.


    The registration can be paid on arrival at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Adelaide. To express interest in attending the Workshop on Methods in Non-Perturbative Field Theory and to be included in the mailing list for any future notices regarding it please either: