Workshop on Scientific Parallel Computing

Workshop on Scientific Parallel Computing

Joint Workshop of the
Special Research Center for the Subatomic Structure of Matter
National Institute for Theoretical Physics
and the
Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Computational Systems (ACSys)
Distributed High-Performance Computing (DHPC)

October 14, 1997


Organizing Committee:

Ken Hawick (DHPC)
Paul Coddington (DHPC)
Derek Leinweber (CSSM)
Tony Williams (CSSM)

Confirmed participants:

Ken Hawick (DHPC)
Paul Coddington (DHPC)
Francis Vaughan (SACPC)
Axel Bender (CSSM)
Fred Hawes (CSSM)
Derek Leinweber (CSSM)
Andreas Schreiber (CSSM)
Jon Ivar Skullerud (CSSM)
Tony Williams (CSSM)
James Hercus
Heath James
Katrina Kerry
Jesudas Mathew
Craig Patten
Andrew Silis
Kevin Maciunas



Purpose: This workshop will provide an introduction to parallel methods for scientific computing. It is the first workshop of the new collaborative effort between the DHPC Division of ACSys and the CSSM.

Program Outline: There will be three talks in the morning presented by members of the DHPC Project and the The South Australian Centre for Parallel Computing (SACPC). The afternoon presentations will discuss the physics to be addressed using these parallel computing techniques.

Program Schedule
for the
Workshop on Scientific Parallel Computing
14th October 1997
Morning Session Chair: Derek Leinweber
Time Speaker Title
10:00 Tony Williams Introduction of the New Collaboration
10:10 Ken Hawick Overview of the DHPC and On Line Data Archives Projects
10:40 Coffee Break
11:15 Francis Vaughan High Performance Fortran / Connection Machine Fortran
11:45 Paul Coddington Message Passing Programming (MPI/PVM)
12:15 Lunch

Afternoon Session Chair: Ayse Kizilersu
Time Speaker Title
2:00 Tony Thomas Overview of CSSM Physics
2:15 Derek Leinweber Numerical Simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics
2:45 Jon Ivar Skullerud Gauge Fixing in Lattice Field Theory
3:00 Coffee Break
3:20 Fred Hawes Getting Excited About Nothing:
Nonperturbative Physics of the Vacuum
3:40 Axel Bender Bondage and Confinement: Physics of Bound States
4:00 Discussion

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