Workshop on Lepton Scattering, Hadrons and QCD

Program for the
Workshop on
Lepton Scattering, Hadrons and QCD

March 26 - April 6, 2001

Adelaide University

Program Schedule

All talks will be held at the CSSM, at the corner of Pulteney St & North Tce (4th floor)
(Map Ref. Q12)
Monday, March 26
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Coffee and Registration
9:30 Dr. Alastair Blake (Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science) Workshop opening
9:40 G. Petratos (Kent State) Experimental review of nucleon spin structure functions
10.30 J. Kodaira (Hiroshima) Polarized structure functions in QCD
11:20 Coffee
11:50 A.W. Thomas (CSSM) Insight into nucleon structure from deep inelastic scattering
12:40 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Reception at CSSM
Tuesday, March 27
9:00 G. Schierholz (DESY) Structure functions and hadron properties from lattice QCD
9:50 D. Leinweber (CSSM) Hadron physics from lattice QCD
10:40 Coffee
11:10 S. Sharpe (Washington) Applications of partially quenched chiral perturbation theory
12:00 W. Detmold (CSSM) Chiral extrapolation of lattice moments of structure functions
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 A. Williams (CSSM) Gluons, quarks and the transition from nonperturbative to perturbative QCD
4:50 Adjourn
Wednesday, March 28
9:00 R. Ent (JLab) Lepton scattering and quark-hadron duality studies at JLab
9:50 W. Melnitchouk (CSSM/JLab) Quark-hadron duality: resonances and the onset of scaling
10:40 Coffee
11:10 P. di Nezza (Frascati) Nuclear medium effects at HERMES
11:40 K. Tsushima (CSSM) Distortions in the negative energy Dirac sea: violation of the Gottfried sum rule
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 A. Signal (Massey) Estimating low energy model parameters from deep inelastic structure functions
4:50 Adjourn
Thursday, March 29
9:00 G. Levman (Toronto) Leading baryon production in ep collisions at HERA
9:50 L. Mosse (Saclay) Soft pion production in deeply virtual Compton scattering
10:20 Coffee
10:50 T. Londergan (Indiana) Charge symmetry in parton distributions
11:40 N. Bianchi (Frascati) Exclusive processes at HERMES
12:10 Lunch & informal discussions
4:00 J. Cameron/T. Londergan (Indiana) Physics motivation for the Electron Ion Collider (EIC)
4:50 Adjourn
6:00 Chinese Dinner
Friday, March 30
9:00 J. Napolitano (RPI) Experimental studies of the hadron spectrum
9:50 A. Szczepaniak (Indiana) Confinement from Coulomb gauge QCD and exotic phenomenology
10:40 Coffee
11.10 S. Cotanch (NCSU) Mesons, glueballs and exotic hybrids in a relativistic many-body approach
12.00 N. Ishii (RIKEN) Glueball properties in anisotropic SU(3) lattice QCD with improved action
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
Monday, April 2
9:00 C. Roberts (ANL) The character of Goldstone bosons
9:50 W. Bentz (Tokai) Quark-diquark structure of the nucleon-static properties, structure functions, and nuclear matter equation of state
10:40 Coffee
11:10 A. Kizilersu (CSSM) A regularisation-independent method in non-perturbative field theory
11:40 A. Kalloniatis (CSSM) Domain-like structures in the QCD vacuum and meson properties
12:10 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 R. Hofmann (MPI, Munich) Deconfining by winding: the magnetic monopole vacua at high temperatures
4:50 Adjourn
Tuesday, April 3
9:00 M. Derrick (DESY/NIKHEF) Diffraction and vector meson production at HERA
9:50 M. Anselmino (Torino) Single spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive DIS
10:40 Coffee
11:10 R. Venugopalan (BNL) Small x physics and initial conditions in nuclear collisions
12:00 I. Bojak (CSSM) Determining Delta g with polarized photon- and hadroproduction of heavy quarks
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Visit to Cleland Wildlife Park
6:00 Dinner at Red Ochre (Australian cuisine)
Wednesday, April 4
10:00 J. Gomez (JLab) Nucleon and few body electromagnetic form factors
10:50 P. Tandy (Kent State) Soft QCD modeling of meson electromagnetic form factors
11:40 Coffee
12:10 R. Alkofer (Tuebingen) Nucleon form factors in the covariant quark-diquark model
1:00 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 O. Gayou (JLab) Measurement of the proton form factor ratio GEp/GMp up to Q2 = 5.6 GeV2 at Jefferson Lab
4:30 E. Ruiz Arriola (Granada) Structure functions of mesons and baryons in a chiral quark model
5:20 Adjourn
Thursday, April 5
9:00 J.-F. Mathiot (Clermont-Ferrand) Electromagnetic interactions in light-front dynamics
9:50 V. Guzey (CSSM) First estimate of nuclear Gottfried sum rule for the 3He-3H mirror nuclei
10:20 Coffee
10:50 S. Liuti (Virginia) Unraveling the low Q2 structure of hadrons: from partons to constituent quarks
11:40 F.-G. Cao (Massey) Flavour asymmetry in the polarised nucleon sea
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 M. Burkardt (New Mexico State) Distributions of partons in the transverse plane
4:50 Adjourn
Friday, April 6
9:00 . Workshop summary
10:00 Workshop close

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