Mini-workshop on New Developments in Lattice Gauge Theory

Mini-workshop on

New Developments in Lattice Gauge Theory

Joint Workshop of the

Special Research Center for the Subatomic Structure of Matter,
National Institute for Theoretical Physics
and the
The Institute for Geometry and its Applications

at the
Special Research Center
for the Subatomic Structure of Matter

(University of Adelaide)

April 4 - 5, 2000

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Kazuo Fujikawa
(University of Tokyo)
  • Prof. Ting-Wai Chiu
(National Taiwan University)
  • Dr. Urs Heller
(CSIT, Florida State University)

The mini-workshop will focus on new developments in lattice gauge theory involving lattice Dirac operators satisfying the Ginsparg--Wilson relation.
These provide a way around traditional problems associated with fermions on the lattice, and are moreover able to capture topological features of the continuum theory associated with anomalies and the Index Theorem.

Topics will include: exact chiral symmetry, anomalies, topological aspects and lattice Index Theory, chiral symmetry breaking and topology in QCD with Overlap-Dirac operator.

A number of the talks will be expository and are intended to provide an introduction to these developments.


Tuesday 4 April: Wednesday 5 April:
  9.30   Fujikawa 2
10.30   Coffee 10.30   Discussion
10.50   Opening 10.45   Coffee
11.00   Fujikawa 1 11.15   Adams
12.00   Discussion 12.15   Discussion
12.15   Lunch 12.30   Lunch
14.00   Chiu 1 14.00   Chiu 2
15.00   Discussion 15.00   Discussion
15.15   Coffee 15.15   Coffee
15.45   Heller 1 15.45   Heller 2
16.45   Discussion 16.45   Discussion
17.00   Wine reception
at the CSSM
17.00   End
Evening Dinner (details TBA)


About the invited Speakers:

Prof. Fujikawa is an eminent theoretical physicist best known for discovering the nonperturbative nature of anomalies in QFT and their connection with the Atiyah--Singer Index Theorem. His recent work includes an investigation of the axial anomaly for the new lattice Dirac operators, clarifying its relation to the continuum anomaly.

Prof. Chiu and Dr. Heller have made important contributions to the new developments in lattice gauge theory. Prof. Chiu's work has focussed on understanding the structure of solutions to the Ginsparg--Wilson relation and investigating their topological properties. Dr. Heller and his collaborators have developed techniques for numerically implementing the Overlap-Dirac operator (the main solution to the GW relation) and used this to study chiral symmetry breaking and topology in QCD.

The Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM) at the University of Adelaide is located at:

Level 4, 10 Pulteney St.
Adelaide 5005, Australia
CLICK HERE to see map
(CSSM is in bottom right hand
corner of map, Q-12)

Registration Fee:
All are welcome. There is no registration fee. Further information can be obtained from:

David Adams
Tony Williams

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