Workshop on Lattice Hadron Physics

Workshop on Lattice Hadron Physics 2003

The Second Cairns Topical Workshop on Lattice Hadron Physics

Joint Workshop of the
Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter,
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
and the
National Institute for Theoretical Physics

Tuesday, July 22 - Wednesday July 30, 2003
at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort, Cairns, Australia

Organizing Committee:

Tony Williams (CSSM, Adelaide) (Chair)
Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM, Adelaide) (Scientific Secretary)
Robert Edwards (JLab, Newport News)
Derek Leinweber (CSSM, Adelaide)
Chris Michael (Liverpool, UK)
John Negele (MIT, USA)
David Richards (JLab, Newport News)
Gerrit Schierholz (DESY-Zeuthen, Germany)
Tony Thomas (CSSM, Adelaide)

Main Workshop Participants:
C. Alexandrou (Cyprus)
S. Aoki (Tsukuba)
S. Bilson-Thompson (Seoul National U.)
P. Bowman (CSSM)
F.G Cao (Massey)
N. Christ (Columbia)
P. Damgaard (Niels Bohr)
C. Dawson (BNL)
G. Fleming (JLAB)
M. Golterman (San Francisco State)
S. Gottlieb (Indiana)
A. Hasenfratz* (Boulder)
R. Horsley (Edinburgh)
W. Kamleh (CSSM) K. Kanaya (Tsukuba) A. Kalloniatis (CSSM)
A.D Kennedy (Edinburgh)
A. Kizilersu (CSSM)
F.X. Lee (George Washington)
W. Lee (Seoul National U.)
D. Leinweber (CSSM)
R. Lewis (Regina)
K-F.  Liu (Kentucky)
W. Melnitchouk (JLab)
C. Michael (Liverpool)
J. Negele* (MIT)
R. Narayanan (Florida International)
S. Ohta (KEK/RBRC))
P. Rakow (Liverpool)
D. Richards (JLab)
G.C. Rossi (Rome)
G. Schierholz (DESY-Zeuthen)
J. Skullerud (Amsterdam)
A. Szczepaniak (Indiana)
A.W. Thomas (CSSM)
A. G. Williams (CSSM)
J. Zanotti (DESY)
J. Zhang (CSSM)
R. Young (CSSM)

* To be confirmed.

General Information:
The Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM) and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITP) at Adelaide University together with the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility are holding a Workshop on Lattice Hadron Physics.
This is the second in what we hope will become a series of workshops in alternating years, after the successful LHP2001.
The aim of the workshop is to bring together a number of specialists in lattice QCD as well as others working in the areas of hadron physics and nonperturbative field theory.
At this workshop some discussion and presentations on the Jefferson Lab Hall D physics program will be included in the program.
The workshop follows Lattice 2003 to be held in Tsukuba July 15-19 and is timed to take account of the fact that many travelling to Asia for the Tsukuba meeting could not afford to make two separate trips to the region in one year.
The workshop has been scheduled from Tuesday the 22nd of July through to Wednesday the 30th of July, 2003 with the weekend (July 26, 27) free. Details of how to register for this workshop are given at the end of this page.
For more detailed general information click here.

The Workshop will have morning talks and late afternoon talks with most of the afternoon left free for collaborative discussions and working groups. Sufficient computers and connections for notebooks will be provided so that people can access their e-mail. Working areas will be available for discussions and coffee and tea will be also be available throughout the day. The program is available here.

The proceedings will be published by Elsevier Science B.V. in a special volume of Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplement. The proceedings of LHP2001 have appeared in Nucl. Phys. B, Proc. Suppl. 109A (2002) 1-230. The format of contributions to LHP2003 must be prepared with Elsevier's CRC LaTeX package, the 2-column CRC format, which can be downloaded from here. The deadline for submissions to the organisers is 15 October, 2003 .

Travel Planning:
Most international attendees will require a valid visa and current passport to enter Australia. A currency converter is available here. Please note that air travel to, from, and within Australia can be congested in the workshop period since it coincides with the school and university mid-year breaks. If you are planning to attend you should ensure that your air travel reservations are made *well in advance* of your travel!

The recommended accommodation and workshop site is at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort which is located 6 kms from downtown Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rain Forest.

Registration Fee:
A$750 (approx US$440) by April 30, 2003 and A$950 (approx US$560) thereafter.
This includes all costs for the reception, continental breakfasts, lunches, continuous brewed coffee (and cookies etc. at coffee breaks), the workshop dinner and a copy of the proceedings. A free bus from the workshop venue to Cairns (10 minutes) will be provided so that participants can choose from a variety of restaurants in Cairns for dinner at night (participants are responsible for the cost of their evening meals). Alternatively, the Cairns Colonial has two restaurants and a casual cafe for those who might prefer to have their evening meal at the workshop venue.

Accompanying guests are welcome to join participants for breakfast and lunch at a cost of A$10.00 for breakfast and A$17.00 for lunch per person per day.
Please complete the accompanying guests registration form below.

Credit Card Payments:

Registration payments by credit cards can be sent to the CSSM fax number +61 8 8313 3551 with the declaration, ``I authorise the amount XXX to be debited from my credit card'', specify if the card is VISA or MASTERCARD, provide the full name of the cardholder as appearing on the card, cardnumber, expiry date and the amount to be debited.

Available Support:
Applications for support should be sent to the Local Organizers by e-mail (CLICK HERE). Financial support for attendance at the workshop is very limited and in the first instance will be available on a competitive basis to junior attendees with limited access to support from other sources. Registration waivers will not be given since it is the registration that is funding the venue, food, dinner, proceedings etc. Any support that is offered will be in the form of contributions to travel and/or accommodation costs only.

Participants can make their own accommodation arrangements off-site, though this is not recommended. We have negotiated discounted accommodation costs with the workshop site, the Cairns Colonial Club Resort at which several options are available:

    Standard room - 1 double bed/1 single bed = A$107 per night (twin share = A$53.50 per night per person)
    Colonial Room - 1 queen bed/1 single bed = A$127 per night (twin share = A$63.50 per night per person)
    Superior room - 2 queen size beds = A$141 per night (twin share = A$70.50 per night per person)

With the two free days (Saturday July 26 and Sunday July 27) participants are encouraged to visit some of the exciting local attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rain Forest. The Cairns Colonial Club Resort provides a comprehensive professional tour service desk for their guests' convenience.

Car Rental:
The CSSM is pleased to be able to offer workshop participants access to our special hire car rates with Avis Car Hire. If you would like to hire a car for some sightseeing on the free days you will need to quote the following number P668999 to obtain the cars at a better rate. The only requirement is that you have had a full drivers license valid in your country of residence for at least one year. The Cairns Colonial Club Resort has a tour desk and an Avis counter where bookings can be made. Please produce your workshop name badge when collecting your car as proof of being a workshop delegate. Below is a table of car groups and prices per day for your information.

Group/Example/Transmission/Price per day(1-3 days,4-6 days,7+days)

A/Toyota Corolla Hatch/Manual/ A$47, A$44, A$40
B/Toyota Corolla Hatch/Auto/ A$49, A$45, A$41
C/Nissan Pulsar/Auto/A$51, A$46, A$42
D/Toyota Camry/Auto/ A$52, A$46.50, A$43
E/Holden Commodore/Auto/ A$53.50, A$47, A$44

How to Register:
The registration fee can be paid by international money order, bank check (drawn in Australian dollars and on an Australian bank, or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). [Exchange rate of February 2003: A$1 = US$0.58] To express interest in attending the workshop and to be included in the mailing list for any future notices regarding it please either:

  • fill out the electronic registration form below and submit it (the preferred option), or
  • mail, fax or e-mail the relevant information (including the title of the workshop, your name, address, contact information, accommodation needs, talk title and abstract, etc.) to the address below:

      LHP Workshop Organisers
      University of Adelaide
      Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia

      Telephone: +61-8-83133533; Fax: +61-8-83133551

Registration Form:

Title: Prof Dr Mr Ms/Miss/Mrs  


First Name:  

Preferred Name (for name tag):



Postal address (keep text in area of the box provided):



Position: Graduate Student PDF Academic staff Other
If `other', please specify:

Do you wish to give a talk at the workshop?
No Yes

If so, please provide a title and, if possible, a SHORT abstract:
(Please keep text within area of the provided box)

(Default is set to Cairns Standard Room accomodation at A$107.00 per night
- if Standard Room desired, do not click at all)

Cairns Colonial Club Resort

    Twin Share if available (Superior Room only at A$70.50 per night)
    Standard Room - A$107.00 per night
    Colonial Room - A$127.00 per night
    Superior Room - A$141.00 per night

Arrival/Departure Information:

    Arrival date and time

    Departure date and time

Additional Information:
Please enter any special requests such as dietary preferences,
children's accommodation requirements etc., keeping the text within the
area of the box provided.

Accompanying Guests Information:
(Default is set to NO accompanying guests -
- if no accompanying guest do not click at all)
No Yes
Name of accompanying partner (for name tag):

Total Number (including self)

Accompanying Guests Package
Unfortunately we cannot negotiate on the numbers of breakfasts (resp. lunches).
Please indicate below whether you wish to take all or none of the breakfasts and/or lunches and/or workshop dinner.
(Default is set to NO for breakfast, lunch, workshop dinner options)
Breakfasts (7 X $10.00=AUD$70): No Yes
Lunches (7 X $17.00=AUD$119): No Yes
Workshop dinner attendance ($60 per person): No Yes
Please check appropriate boxes above and include this amount when paying your registration fee.
Please review this form and then or the form.

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