LC2005 : program

Program for the Workshop
Light-Cone QCD
Nonperturbative Hadron Physics 2005

July 7 - 15, 2005

All breakfasts served on the Conference Verandah (Ground Floor) at 7.45 am - 8.55 am.
Registration will take place at the Conference Office (Ground Floor) .
All morning and afternoon coffee breaks served on the Conference Verandah (Ground Floor).
All lunches on workshop days will be served on the Conference Verandah (Ground Floor) .
All talks will be held in the Lockhart Room (Ground floor) of the Conference Centre.

Other information:
Saturday 9 July, Sunday 10 July and Wednesday 13 July are free days.  Participants are invited to enjoy the surroundings of this area of northern Queensland.

Program Schedule

Thursday, July 7
Time Speaker Title
8:30 Registration
8:55 Welcome Workshop opening
Session Chair: Stan Brodsky
9:00 Stan Glazek Light-front Hamiltonians for heavy quarks and gluons in QCD
9.45 Pieter Maris Electromagnetic form factors of hadrons
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: Gary McCartor
11:00 Yitzhak Frishman The spectrum of states with one current acting on the adjoint vacuum of massless QCD2
11:30 Fernando Navarra Pentaquark decay width in QCD sum rules
12:00 Usha Mallik Some interesting results from the BaBar experiment
12:30 Extended lunch & informal discussions
3:00 Registration and Coffee
3:30 Reception on the Conference Lawn (Pool Area)
Friday, July 8
Session Chair: Stan Glazek
9:00 Ariel Zhitnitsky Phase transitions in high density QCD
9:45 Martin Schaden A center-symmetric 1/N expansion
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: Lorenz von Smekal
11:00 Daniel Ashery Measurement of the photon Light-Cone wave function by diffractive dissociation
11:30 Stewart Wright Light Quark Confinement And The Trajectory Of The Pseudoscalar Meson
12:00 Marvin Weinstein Adaptive Pertubation Theory: Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:45 Coffee
Session Chair: Derek Leinweber
4:15 Marek Karliner Goodbye to Large \Delta G ? Direct Estimate of Gluon Polarization in the Nucleon
4:45 Yuichi Hoshino Mass singularity and confinement in QED3
5:15 Jean-Francois Mathiot Non-perturbative renormalization in Light Front Dynamics with Fock-space
5:45 Adjourn

No talks are scheduled over the weekend

Monday, July 11
Time Speaker Title
Session Chair: Bernard Bakker
9:00 Stanley Brodsky Advances in Light-Front QCD
9:45 Johann Rafelski Soft hadron production and thresholds of phase changes in relativistic heavy ion collisions
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: John Hiller
11:00 Gerald Miller Light front calculations of nucleon form factors
11:30 Peter Tandy The QCD found inside light and heavy quark mesons by DSE truncations
12:00 Tony Williams TBA
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:00 Poster Session and Coffee
Session Chair: Tony Williams
4:15 Antonio Bassetto On the invariance under area-preserving diffeomorphisms of noncommutative gauge theories in two dimensions
4:45 James Zanotti Moments of the pion's distribution amplitude
5:15 James Vary Coherent states and spontaneous symmetry breaking in Light Front Scalar field theory
5:45 Adjourn
7:00 ILCAC MEETING Jardine's Restaurant
Tuesday, July 12
Session Chair: Lorenz von Smekal
9:00 Gary McCartor Light-Cone quantization of Gauge Theories
9:45 Waseem Kamleh Effects of dynamical FLIC fermions in the quark and gluon propagator
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: Cheung Ji
11:00 Lorenz von Smekal Confinement and unification constraints for topological defects
11:30 Lubomir Martinovic Higgs mechanism in a light front formulation
12:00 Derek Leinweber Aspects of lattice QCD and chiral effective field theory
12:30 Lunch & informal discussions
3:30 Coffee
4:00 Workshop photograph
Session Chair: Jerry Miller
4:15 Pierre Grange IR and UV behaviour for QFT and LCQFT with fields as Operator Valued Distributions
4:45 Marina Nielsen Diquark-Antidiquark with open charm in QCD sum rules
5:15 Adjourn
7:00 Pre-dinner drinks and appetizers - Conference Verandah (Ground Floor)
7:30 Workshop Dinner in the Lockhart Room

Wednesday is left free to enjoy Cairns and it's surroundings

Thursday, July 14
Time Speaker Title
Session Chair: Ping Wang
9:00 Gerrit Schierholz Generalized parton distributions
9:45 Wally Melnitchouk JLab phenomenology
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: Marek Karliner
11:00 Chueng-Ryong Ji Revealing treacherous points for successful light-front phenomenological applications
11:30 Ping Wang Convergence of chiral effective field theory for nucleon magnetic moments
12:00 Sofia Tchabysheva Further nonperturbative calculation of the electron's magnetic moment
12:30 Lunch and informal discussions
3:45 Coffee
Session Chair: Antonio Bassetto
4:15 Patrick Bowman A numerical approach to Coulomb gauge QCD
4:45 Bernard Bakker Light-front singularities in the Yukawa Model
5:15 Adjourn
Friday, July 15
Session Chair: Derek Leinweber
9:00 Markus Diehl Generalized quark distributions from form factors
9:45 Adam Szczepaniak Evidence for constituent gluons
10:30 Coffee
Session Chair: Tony Williams
11:00 Vladimir Karmanov Solving Bethe-Salpeter equation by the light-front projection method
11:30 John Hiller Numerical Evidence for the Maldacena Conjecture in Two-Dimensional N=(8,8) Super Yang-Mills Theory
12:00 Workshop close and Lunch

We thank participants for their contributions and wish everyone a safe trip home.