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Semester II, 1999
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
August 3 Tony Thomas (CSSM) Highlights of the Session on Photon Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei at PANIC99, Uppsala
August 10 Derek Leinweber (CSSM) Chiral Symmetry and the Strange Magnetic Moment of the Nucleon
August 17 No Seminar (because of workshop)
August 24 Tony Williams (CSSM) Lattice studies of quark and gluon propagators in Landau gauge
August 31 Jim Bashford (CSSM) Group theory and the genetic code
September 7 Girish Joshi (Melbourne) POSTPONED
September 14 Gerald Dunne (Connecticut) Effective actions and the derivative expansion : where perturbative and non-perturbative physics meet
September 21 No Seminar (Mid-Semester break)
September 28 Victor Flambaum (UNSW) Does the fine structure constant vary with time and distance?
Thursday, September 30, 4.00 pm Hugo Reinhardt (Tübingen) Magnetic monopoles, vortices, confinement and topology of gauge fields
Friday, October 1, 4.00 pm Mukunda Das (ANU) Is there a standard model for low/very low energy physics?
October 5 Steven Bass (T. U. Munich) Constituent quarks and g_1
October 12 Ray Protheroe (Adelaide) Consequences of particle acceleration in active galaxies
October 19 Csaba Boros (CSSM) Structure and Production of Lambda Baryons
Thursday, October 28, 3.30 pm Andreas Schreiber (CSSM) Nonperturbative gauge covariance in QED
Thursday, November 4, 3.30 pm Ayse Kizilersu (CSSM) The fermion propagator and the 3-point vertex in 3-dimensional, massless, quenched QED
Thursday, November 11, 3.30pm David Adams (Maths Dept., Adelaide) Ginsparg-Wilson relation and chiral fermions on the lattice
November 16 Seminar postponed to following week
Thursday, November 25, 3.30 pm Pierre Guichon (CEA, France) Recent developments in virtual compton scattering
November 30 Tony Thomas (CSSM) Chiral Physics & Lattice QCD: Things we might already know
Wednesday, December 1, 3.30pm Tony Thomas (CSSM) Continuation of Nov. 30 talk
Monday, December 6, 3.30 pm Lev Lipatov (St. Petersburg) Pomeron Lecture 1: Gluon Reggeization and Pomeron in perturbative QCD
Tuesday, December 7, 3.30 pm Lev Lipatov (St. Petersburg) Pomeron Lecture 2: Effective action for high energy processes in QCD and next-to-leading corrections to the BFKL equation
Wednesday, December 8, 3.30 pm Lev Lipatov (St. Petersburg) Pomeron Lecture 3: Integrability and duality symmetry of the reggeon field theory in multi-colour QCD
Friday, December 10, 2.15 pm David Adams (Maths Dept., Adelaide) Informal continuation of November 11 Seminar
December 14 No Seminar due to Lightcone workshop
December 21 No Seminar due to Lightcone workshop

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