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Semester I, 1999
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
January 5 Xin-Heng Guo (CSSM) Introduction to heavy quark effective theory I
Friday, January 8, 4.00 pm Maarten Golterman (Washington U, St. Louis) Quenched chiral perturbation theory
Monday, January 11, 3.30 pm Daniel Phillips (Seattle) What is it good for? Effective field theory in the two-nucleon system
January 12 Wally Melnitchouk (Jülich) Meson-Exchange Model of the YN Interaction
Wednesday, January 13, 3.30 pm Maarten Golterman (Washington U, St. Louis) Informal seminar on "Chiral fermions on the lattice -- Domain wall fermions and their relation to Ginsparg-Wilson-Neuberger fermions"
Thursday, January 14, 3.30 pm Xin-Heng Guo (CSSM) Introduction to heavy quark effective theory II
Friday, January 15, 4.10 pm Stanislaw Drozdz (Krakow) Collectivity embedded in chaos in the brain sensory response
Wednesday, January 27, 3.30 pm Boris Krippa (Moscow) Chiral symmetry and properties of hadron correlators in nuclear medium
February 2 No Seminar planned
February 9 Mike Pennington (Durham) Glueballs: the naked truth
Thursday, February 18, 3.30 pm Tim Londergan (Bloomington, Indiana) Binding and Transmission in Quantum Wires and Waveguides
February 23 Ian Whittingham (James Cook U., Townsville) Hadronic B decays: Supersymmetric effects and a simple spectator model
Thursday, February 25, 3.30 pm Josef Speth (Juelich/Bonn) The Pion-Nucleon Interaction and the Structure of the Nucleon
Monday, March 1, 3.30 pm Koichi Yazaki (Tokyo) Chiral symmetry on the light-cone -- an attempt with the NJL model
Wednesday, March 3, 3.30 pm Magda Ericson (Lyon/CERN) On the manifestations of chiral symmetry restoration in a dense medium
March 9 Torleif Ericson (TSL, Uppsala & CERN) How strong is the strong interaction? ("How to determine the piNN coupling constant model independently")
Friday, March 12, 4.10 pm Abraham Chian (INPE, Brazil & CSSM) Informal Lecture on "Introduction to nonlinear phenomena in the cosmos I"
Wednesday, March 17, 3.30 pm Koichi Saito (Sendai, Japan) Effect of nucleon structure variation in quasi-elastic electron scattering
Friday, March 19, 4.00 pm Abraham Chian (INPE, Brazil & CSSM) Informal Lecture on "Introduction to nonlinear phenomena in the cosmos II"
March 23 Wolfgang Bentz (Tokyo) Faddeev Approach to the Nucleon and Nucleon Structure Function in the NJL Model
Friday, March 26, 4.00 pm Abraham Chian (INPE, Brazil & CSSM) Informal Lecture on "Introduction to nonlinear phenomena in the cosmos III"
March 30 Alexander Sibirtsev (Giessen) Threshold meson production in NN collisions
Thursday, April 1, 3.00 pm Pierre Guichon (CEA, France) The LyX graphical LaTeX editor
April 6 Kim Maltman (Toronto) Finite energy sum rules from the ground up
April 13 Wolfram Weise (Munich) In-medium QCD sum rules and nuclear bound states of omega mesons
April 20 No Seminar (Mid Semester Break)
April 27 No Seminar planned
May 4 Jambul Gegelia (Flinders) Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction and Effective Field Theory
May 11 Garry Morrison (CSSM) CANCELLED
May 18 No Seminar planned
May 25 Stewart Wright (CSSM) Baryon masses from lattice QCD beyond the perturbative chiral regime
Thursday, May 27, 3.30 pm Will Detmold (CSSM) Effective actions in Schwinger-Dyson Equations
June 8 Kazuo Tsushima (CSSM) Informal seminar on "Recent results in applications of the QMC model"
June 15 Jon Ivar Skullerud(CSSM) The momentum-space quark propagator in Landau gauge
June 22 James Zanotti (CSSM) How to Calculate the Heavy Quark Potential from QCD.
Wednesday, June 30 Francois Bissey (CSSM) Nuclear structure functions of light nuclei
End of semester

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