CSSM Seminars

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: Tuesdays 2.15 pm (Unless otherwise noted)

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Semester II, 1998
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
August 25 Tony Williams (CSSM) Lattice calculation of the strangeness and electromagnetic nucleon form factors
September 1 Stewart Wright (CSSM) Is matter stranger at high density?
September 8 Csaba Boros (CSSM) Comparison of muon and neutrino structure functions and possible charge symmetry violation effects
September 15 Jim Bashford (CSSM) Dynamically generating fermion generations
September 22 No Seminar (Mid-Semester Break)
September 29 Tony Thomas (CSSM) Charge Symmetry Breaking as a Tool to Study CP Violation
October 6 Max Lohe (Darwin) Quantum groups for physicists
Monday, October 12, 3.30 pm Alex Kalloniatis (Erlangen) Confinement via Constant (Anti-)Self-Dual Fields in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory
October 13 Vincent Stoks (CSSM) Baryon-baryon potentials with hyperons and cascades
October 20 Andreas Schreiber (CSSM) Chiral symmetry breaking in dimensionally regularized quenched QED
October 27 Klaus Goeke (Bochum) (Off-forward) Parton Distributions in the Chiral Quark Soliton Model
November 3 Boris Krippa (Moscow) Postponed
Monday, November 9, 3.30 pm Peter Kroll (Wuppertal) Linking parton distributions to form factors and Compton scattering
November 10 Peter Kroll (Wuppertal) Mixing and decay constants of pseudoscalar mesons
Thursday, November 12, 3.30 pm Susan Gunner (Flinders) The Bag Constant from the Global Colour Model of QCD
Monday, November 16, 3.30 pm Craig Roberts (Argonne) Mean Field Exponents and Small Quark Masses
November 17 Sundance Bilson- Thompson (CSSM) An Introduction to Lattice Gauge Theory and Improved Actions
Thursday, November 19, 3.30 pm Pat Bowman (CSSM) Fixing to Landau Gauge on the Lattice
Wednesday, November 25, 3.30 pm Rudolf Fiebig (Florida) Exploring Hadron-Hadron Interaction in Lattice QCD
Wednesday, December 2, 3.30 pm Frederic Bonnet (CSSM) Algorithm for SU(2) & SU(3) gauge groups
December 8 No Seminar (Lattice Workshop)
December 15 No Seminar (Lattice Workshop)
December 22 No Seminar (Workshop Fatigue)

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