CSSM Seminars & Lectures

Venue: the new seminar room, first floor, physics building, University of Adelaide.
Time: 3.30pm, Wednesdays, unless indicated otherwise.

Semester II, 2005
Date Speaker Title
Monday, July 25, 3.00 pm. Lubomir Martinovic (Bratislava, Slovakia) Spontaneous symmetry breaking and kink states in DLCQ.
Tuesday, July 26, 10.00 am. Vladimir Karmanov (Lebedev, Moscow, Russia) New Developments in Light-Front Dynamics.
Wednesday, August 3 Stewart Wright (Argonne, USA) Meson trajectories and confinement.
Wednesday, August 10 Skye Platten, Sebastian Wende Honours Talks: "Chaos in biological systems", "Multifractals and wavelets".
Monday, August 22, 12.30 pm. Bao-Loc Nguyen Honours Talk: Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups in Physics.
Wednesday, August 24 Marco Bartolozzi (CSSM) Scale-free networks in complex systems.
Wednesday, August 31 No talk scheduled.
Wednesday, September 7 James Chappell (CSSM) Honours talk: Superstatistics: new distribution functions.
Wednesday, September 14 Jonathan Carroll(CSSM) Honours talk: "Twinkle twinkle little star ...": Neutron Stars 1934 to the present.
End of Semester - Seminars will continue on an ad hoc basis.
Wednesday, October 05 Mariusz Hoppe (CSSM) Studies of Complexity and Chaos in Idealized Protein--like System.
Wednesday, October 12 Maria Parappilly (CSSM)     Postponed Scaling behavior of quark propagator in full QCD. )     Postponed
Wednesday, October 19 Sharada Boinepalli (CSSM) Electromagnetic structure of baryons.
Wednesday, October 26 Takashi Yamamoto (CSSM) Introduction to the Macdonald polynomials - Applications in physics -
Friday, October 28 Sundance Bilson-Thompson (CSSM) An update on the Helon Model: topological preons meet loop quantum gravity.
Wednesday, November 2 Rod Crewther (CSSM) Running Couplings for the Simultaneous Decoupling of Heavy Quarks.
Exam Week - No talk scheduled.
Wednesday, November 23 Yuichi Hoshino (JAPAN) Mass singularity and confinement in QED3
Tuesday, December 6 Lex Dieperink (The Netherlands) The physics of neutron stars
Wednesday, December 14 Ian Cloet (CSSM-Jefferson Lab.) Deep inelastic scattering from nuclear targets and the polarized EMC effect.
Monday, December 19 Jim Bashford (University of Tasmania, Hobart) On mesoscale modelling of DNA-protein interactions
Wednesday, December 21 Don Sinclair (Argonne National Lab., USA) Lattice simulations of Born-Infeld non-linear QED
Thursday, December 22 Sundance Bilson-Thompson (CSSM) Kepler: the under-sung hero of modern physics

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