CSSM Seminars & Lectures

Venue: Due to CSSM relocation, the venue will be advertised in the email notice of seminars. When completed, seminars will take place in the new seminar room, first floor, physics building, University of Adelaide.
Time: 3.00pm, Tuesdays, unless indicated otherwise.

Semester I, 2004
Date Speaker Title
Monday, January 12 Don K. Sinclair (Argonne) Finite density lattice gauge theories with positive fermion determinants.
Tuesday, January 13 Gerald Miller (Washington U., Seattle) Nuclear form factors and the shape of the proton.
Tuesday, February 24 Sinya Aoki (Tsukuba) Chiral perturbation theory with Wilson-type fermions including a^2 effects.
Tuesday, March 2 Mike Pennington (Durham) Introduction to Dyson-Schwinger equations.
Tuesday, March 9 and 16 No seminar planned - QCD Down Under Workshop (March 10-19)
Tuesday, March 23 Will Detmold (Washington U., Seattle) Pseudo-scalar meson quark distributions in a covariant DSE/BSE model.
Thursday, March 25 R. Bhalerao (Tata Inst.) Genuine collective flow in relativistic heavy-ion collisions.
Thursday, April 1 Alfredo Raya (U. Colima, Mexico) Gauge invariance and construction of the fermion-boson vertex in QED3.
Tuesday, April 6 B.Y. Park (Chungnam National University) Puzzles in skyrmion matter.
Tuesday, April 13 and 20 No Seminars planned - midsemester break
Tuesday, April 27 Robin Tucker (Lancaster, UK) Gravito-electromagnetism and its experimental detection
Tuesday, May 4 M. Bartolozzi (CSSM) Econophysics: applying methods of physics to finance.
Tuesday, May 11 Ping Wang (CSSM) Strange nucleon form factors, pion and sigma meson properties in a relativistic quark model.
Tuesday, June 1 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) High energy behaviour and analytic confinement.
End of Semester - Semesters will continue on an ad hoc basis.

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