CSSM Seminars & Lectures

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: 3.00pm, Tuesdays, unless indicated otherwise.

Semester II, 2003
Date Speaker Title
Tuesday, August 5 Jonivar Skullerud (Amsterdam) Particle distributions and effective thermalisation in electroweak tachyonic preheating.
Tuesday, August 12 Scott Powell (CSSM) Improved Cooling Schedules for Simulated Annealing.
Tuesday, August 19 No seminar planned
Tuesday, August 26 Mariusz Hoppe (CSSM) Hadron masses from an overlap quark action
Tuesday, September 2 Alex Sibirtsev (Juelich) Eta-prime photoproduction
Monday, September 15 Ryan Coad (CSSM) Overlap quark propagator in the Laplacian gauge
Tuesday, September 16 Sasha Kvinikhidze (Flinders) Light-front field theory at finite temperature
Tuesday, September 23 Francois Bissey (Massey) Photon-pion scattering and deeply virtual compton scattering
September 30 No Seminar planned.
Tuesday October 7 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) An paedagogical introduction to chiral symmetry and its spontaneous breaking in strong interactions.
Tuesday, October 14 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) The fate of chiral symmetry in the (confining) domain model of QCD.
Tuesday, October 21 Victor Flambaum (UNSW) Do the fundamental constants of nature vary with time and distance?
Tuesday, October 28 Tony Thomas (CSSM) Pentaquarks: discovery of new hadronic matter with five quarks.
End of Semester - Semesters will continue on an ad hoc basis.

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