CSSM Seminars & Lectures

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: 3.30pm, Tuesdays, unless indicated otherwise.

Semester I, 2003
Date Speaker Title
Tuesday, February 18 Craig Roberts (Argonne N.L) Quantum Effects with an X-ray free electron laser
Tuesday, February 25 Felix Sassen (Juelich FZ) Where is space for glueballs? Scalar mesons in pion-pion scattering.
Monday, March 3 Stephen Godfrey (Carleton U.) Pedagogical Lecture: Introduction to the Constituent Quark Model
Tuesday, March 4 Stephen Godfrey (Carleton U.) Recent Developments in Heavy Quarkonia Spectroscopy
March 11, 18 No Seminars planned -- staff absences in Trento
Tuesday, March 25 Wolfgang Bentz (Tokai U.) Nuclear matter and quark matter in an effective quark theory
Monday, March 31, 3.30 pm Kim Maltman (York) Pedagogical Lecture: Duality, its violations and introduction to QCD Sum Rules.
Tuesday, April 1, 3.30 pm. Kim Maltman (York) The K--> pi pi matrix elements of the electroweak penguin operators, Q_7 and Q_8.
Tuesday, April 8, 3.30 pm. Tony Williams (CSSM) Gauge-fixing and Gribov Copies
April 15, 22 No Seminars planned -- Mid-Semester Break & Public Holiday
Monday, April 28, 3.30 pm. Patrick Bowman (CSSM) Pedagogical Lecture: Introduction to Lattice QCD with Staggered Quarks
Tuesday April 29 Patrick Bowman (CSSM) Infrared and Ultraviolet Properties of the Quark Propagator from Overlap and Improved Staggered Actions
Tuesday, May 6, 3.30 pm. James Zanotti (CSSM) Electromagnetic Form Factors with FLIC fermions.
Tuesday, May 13, 3.30 pm. Stephen Godfrey (Carleton U.) Beyond the Standard Model at Future Colliders.
Tuesday, May 20, 3.30 pm. Jonathon Ashley (CSSM) Volume dependence of the axial coupling constant gA in the hedge-hog chiral bag model.
Tuesday, May 27, 3.30 pm. Tony Thomas (CSSM) Current Issues in Neutrino Physics (Other than Oscillations)
Tuesday, June 3, 3.30 pm. Daniel Kusterer (Tuebingen) The vortex picture of confinement - New results from the lattice
Friday, July 18, 11 am. Art McDonald (SNO Institute) A Deeper Understanding of Our Universe from 2 km Underground.

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