CSSM Seminars & Lectures

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: 3.30pm, Mondays, unless indicated otherwise

Semester II, 2002
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
Friday, August 9, 4pm German Kälbermann (Hebrew University, Israel) Diffraction of wave packets in space and time
August 12 Ingo Bojak (CSSM) The PDF Fit Revolution and its Numerical Waterloo
Thursday, August 22, 2.30pm Danielle Morel (CSSM) Baryon-Meson Loop Effects on the Spectrum of Non Strange Baryons
August 26 Ross Young (CSSM) Nucleon Mass and Convergence of Chiral Perturbation Theory
September 2 Ben Lasscock (CSSM) Honours practice talk: "Scale Determination in Lattice QCD"
September 9 Talk postponed to October 28 N.A.
September 16, 4.30 pm Ian Cloet (CSSM) Delta Magnetic Moments as a function of Mass
September 23, 30
October 7
No Seminars planned -- Mid-Semester Break & Public Holiday
Friday, October 18, 3.30pm Iraj Afnan (Flinders) The Bethe-Salpeter Equation with Application to pi-N Scattering
Thursday, October 24, 3.30pm John Hedditch (CSSM) Excited glue on the Lattice
October 28, 2pm Xin-Heng Guo (CSSM) Chiral extrapolation of lattice data for hyperfine splittings
November 4 Patrick Bowman (CSSM) Postponed
Thursday, November 7, 3.30pm H. J. W. Müller-Kirsten (Kaiserslautern, Germany) Strings, tunnneling and phase transitions: A talk for nonspecialists
End of semester, but seminars will continue on ad hoc basis
November 18 Ben Gibson (Los Alamos) Parity Violation in Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering
December 2, 3.30 pm. Alex Sibirtsev (Jülich FZ) Vector Meson Photoproduction

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