CSSM Seminars, 1st Semester 2001

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: Tuesdays, 3.00 pm (Unless otherwise noted)

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Semester I, 2001
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
January 9 Don Sinclair (Argonne) 2-colour QCD at finite quark-number density and related theories
January 16, 23, 30 No Seminars planned
February 6 Wei-Xing Ma (IHEP, Ac. Sinica, Beijing) Gluonic content of the pomeron
February 1 Chao-Shang Huang (ITP, Ac. Sinica, Beijing) Search for new physics from B -> mu+ mu-
February 20 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) Domain like Structures in the pure Yang-Mills Vacuum: Consequences for Static Quarks and Topological Susceptibility
February 27, 3.30pm Josef Speth (Jülich) Some topics in econophysics
March 6 Michael Weyrauch (PTB, Braunschweig, Germany) Density excitations in superfluid 4He
March 13 Martin Oettel (CSSM) Baryons as Relativistic Bound States of Quark and Diquark
March 20 Vadim Guzey (CSSM) Nuclear shadowing in inclusive DIS on nuclei: leading twist vs. eikonal
March 27 No Seminar planned -- Lepton Workshop
April 3 No Seminar planned -- Lepton Workshop
April 10 -- May 8 No Seminars planned
May 15 Waseem Kamleh (CSSM) Optimising Chiral Symmetry in Lattice QCD
May 22 Stewart Wright (CSSM) The Rho Meson in Lattice QCD
May 29, June 5 No Seminars planned
June 12 Andreas Schreiber (CSSM) Recent improvements in the polaron variational approach to nonperturbative field theory
June 19 Francois Bissey (CSSM) Structure functions of the 3-nucleon system
Thursday, June 28, 3pm Tony Thomas (CSSM) Insights into hadron structure from chiral symmetry
Thursday, July 5, 3pm James Zanotti (CSSM) Hadron Masses and Fat Links in Lattice Gauge Theory
July 10 -- 17 No Seminars planned -- Cairns Workshop & Semester break
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