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Time: Tuesdays, 3.30 pm (Unless otherwise noted)

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Semester II, 2000
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
July 25 Xin-Heng Guo (CSSM) CP violation in heavy hadron decays via rho-omega mixing
August 1 Peter Watson (Durham) Powerlaw behaviour of the Schwinger-Dyson equations of Landau gauge QCD in the infrared
Monday, August 7, 2.10 pm Ross Young & Kim Thomanek Honours Talks: "Flavour Asymmetry in the proton sea" and "High precision experiments of muon anomalous magnetic moment"
August 15 No Seminar planned
August 22 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) Postponed to Sept. 5
Thursday, August 24, 3.30pm Will Detmold (CSSM) Superconducting quarks: QCD at large baryon density
August 29 Jonivar Skullerud (DESY) Lattice simulations of QCD-like theories at finite density
Wednesday, August 30 Sarah Lawley Honours Talk: "Properties of non-rotating neutron stars with a Quantum Hadrodynamics Equation of State"
September 5 Alex Kalloniatis (CSSM) Has the U(1) Problem been solved?
September 12 Tom Sizer (CSSM) POSTPONED TO SEPT. 26
September 19 No Seminar planned (Mid-Semester Break)
September 26 Tom Sizer (CSSM) Regularization in quenched QED4 via the Dyson-Schwinger Equations
October 3 Olivier Leitner (CSSM) CP violation and branching ratios in B meson decay: Uncertainties and hopes
October 10 Kazuo Tsushima (CSSM) Kaon properties and strangeness production in nuclear medium: Cross sections for pi + N --> Y (hyperon) + K+
October 17 Peg Barker (Barker Financial Management, Adelaide) Order and chaos in the financial markets
October 24 Rod Crewther U(1) outlook
October 31 David Adams (Maths/CSSM) Anomalies in lattice gauge theory with overlap fermions
November 7 Ingo Bojak (CSSM) Polarized Photo- and Hadroproduction of Heavy Quarks
November 14 No Seminar
November 21 No Seminar
November 28 Jianbo Zhang (CSSM) Chiral Symmetry, Quark mass, Topology and Scaling of Overlap fermions
Thursday, Dec. 7 3.30 pm Oleg Shushkov (UNSW) Breit interaction corrections to the hyperfine constant and to the weak charge in a many-electron atom
End of semester

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