CSSM Seminars

Venue: 4th Floor, CSSM
Time: Tuesdays 3.30 pm (Unless otherwise noted)

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Semester I, 2000
Date Speaker Title (or anticipated general Topic)
January 4 No Seminar planned
January 11 No Seminar planned
January 18 No Seminar planned
January 25 Fred Hawes (CSSM) POSTPONED
February 1 Vadim Guzey (CSSM) Generalized Vector Meson Dominance model and Color Fluctuations in photons
February 8 No Seminar planned (NUPP Meeting)
February 15 No Seminar planned (Hadronic Physics with Photon Beam Workshop)
February 22 No Seminar planned (QNP2000)
February 29, 3.30 pm German Valencia (Iowa) Isospin violation in epsilon'
Thursday, March 2 3.30pm Reinhard Alkofer (Tübingen) (In-)Consistencies in the relativistic description of excited states in the Bethe-Salpeter equation
March 7 No Seminar planned (Few Body Conference)
March 14 No Seminar planned (Symmetries Symposium)
March 21 Wolfgang Bentz (Tokyo) Role of axial vector diquark correlations for structure functions and static properties of the nucleon
March 28 Attilio Cucchieri (Bielefeld) Gribov copies and infrared suppression of the gluon propagator
April 4 No Seminar planned (Lattice mini workshop)
April 11 Vladimir Pascalutsa (Flinders) Higher spin fields in pion-nucleon scattering
April 18 Fred Hawes (CSSM) unanswered questions in the UV spectroscopy of 16O2
April 25 No Seminar planned (Easter)
May 9 Ayse Kizilersu (CSSM) Computer generation of Feynman Diagrams
Wednesday, May 10, 3.30pm Yoji Totsuka (Tokyo) Recent results from Super-Kamiokande
May 16 Wally Melnitchouk (CSSM/TJNAF) Quark-Hadron Duality
May 30 Patrick Bowman (CSSM) Wanted: Method for calculating QFT - not too expensive.
Wednesday, May 31, 3.30pm Frederic Bonnet (CSSM) Removing short-range quantum fluctuations in lattice QCD
June 6 Gerald Dunne (Connecticut) Finite Temperature Induced Charges
Thursday, June 15, 3.30pm Sundance Bilson-Thompson (CSSM) Improved cooling and topological charge - too much of a good thing?
Thursday, June 22, 3.30 pm Gerald Dunne (Connecticut) Finite Temperature Induced Charges II
End of semester

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