3rd International Symposium on
Symmetries in Subatomic Physics
March 13-17

The 3rd International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics on will be held from 13-17 March, 2000 at the Adelaide Hilton International Hotel. The aim of the Symposium is to discuss recent development in our understanding of fundamental symmetries. The Symposium will be sponsored by the Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter at the University of Adelaide and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics.

This is the third in the series of conferences which began in Taipei, with the second being held in Seattle in 1997.

The Symposium will address the following issues:

  • Discrete Symmetries: P, C, T
  • B-physics : CP violation
  • Tests of CPT
  • Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking : The Standard Model
  • Isospin and Charge Symmetry
  • Chiral Symmetry
  • Dynamical Symmetry Breaking : Mass Generation
  • CVC
  • PCAC

The timing of the conference coincides with the Adelaide Festival of Arts. The "Adelaide Festival" offers an excellent international program of music, theatre and performances, there is sure to be something to please everyone. At this time of the year Adelaide's mediterranean climate is at its very best. Many of the events of the Festival are held outdoors to take advantage of the weather. Adelaide has kilometers of white sandy beaches close to the city centre (approximately 7 kilometers) which are also very inviting during this time of the year.

International Advisory Committee:

Eric Adelberger (Seattle)
Guido Altarelli (Geneva)
Gerald Brown (Stony Brook)
J. David Bowman ( Los Alamos)
Andrzej J. Buras (Munich)
Jules Deutsch (Louvain la Neuve)
Hiro Ejiri (Osaka)
Ernest Henley (Seattle)
Paucy Hwang (Taipei)
Dan Kaplan (Illinois)
Iosif Khriplovich (Novosibirsk)
Alan Kostelecky (Indiana)
Heiri Leutwyler (Bern)
V.M. Lobashev (Moscow)
Bruce McKellar (Melbourne)
Jerry Miller (Washington)
M. Moshinsky (Mexico)
Lev Okun (ITEP)
Roberto Peccei (California)
Norman Ramsey (Harvard)
Patrick Sandars (Oxford)
Lukas Schaller (Fribourg)
Stephen R. Sharpe (Seattle)
Wim van Oers (Winnipeg)
Erich Vogt (TRIUMF)
Hans Weidenmueller (Heidelberg)
Bruce Winstein (Chicago)
Yoshio Yamaguchi (KEK-Tanashi)
Chen Ning Yang (Stony Brook)

Program Committee:

J. Deutsch (Louvin la Neuve)
E. Henley (Seattle)
W.T. van Oers (Winnipeg)
H. Ejiri (Osaka)
B.H.J. McKellar (Melbourne)
L. Schaller (Fribourg)
A.W. Thomas (Adelaide)