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Grades of Membership

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Student For tertiary students majoring in physics. Student member receive all mailings and notices, plus The Australian and New Zealand Physicist, and become eligible for Graduate Membership upon passing with a Physics Major.
Graduate A 3 year Pass Degree with a Physics Major is required from an accredited tertiary institution. As a general rule, at least one third of the total content of the degree course and one half of the content of the final year should consist of topics in basic physics.
Member The normal profession grade. Applicants must satisfy the requirments for Graduate Membership and have had at least 5 years professional experience in a physics-related occupation after graduation.
Fellow Most Fellows have at least 15 years experience after graduation. They usually have a PhD in physics and have published a number of well-regarded articles in appropriate professional journals or occupy a senior leadership position in industry or in government service.
Associate Associate Membership is appropriate for those graduates whose major is other than in physics. Secondary school teachers whose qualifications are based on a Science Education degree rather than on a B.Sc. (Physics) degree should normally apply for Associate membership, although additional physics-based study may qualify them for Graduate or Member status. Each application is carefully assessed on its merits.
Subscriber Thus grade of membership is open to anyone with an interest in physics in Australia. It is particularly appropriate for secondary schools to join the institute as subscribers.


1997 AIP fees in Australian dollars
Full Retired Overseas Spouse
Fellows 175 47 88 47
Members 144 47 72 47
Graduates 93 47 47 47
Associates 38
Students 21
Subscribers 93 47
Company subscribers 350


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